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Name:Terminal Tokyo Logs
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Taichi would tell me to let you know not to panic, but I think that's an unreasonable thing to ask. First, I'm sorry for any inconvenience being brought here might have on you. Trust me when I say none of the rest of us ever planned to leave our worlds either or expected it. I'm getting ahead of myself, though. My name's Koushirou Izumi and I'm a Chosen Child-- like you.

A Chosen Child is a person called to the Digital World. Every person who is brought here has a Digimon Partner waiting for them. They might look scary, but they won't eat you. You and your Digimon partner must learn to work together in order for you Digimon to get stronger, otherwise known as Digivolve. I'm sorry you were brought here, but the only way you can return will be when the worlds are no longer in trouble. So we need your help to make this happen.

Terminal Tokyo is a Digimon-based Panfandom RP game. The Digital World and Real World have merged and the worlds are in trouble. Characters are pulled across time and space from every direction to this one point in time. Together with a Digimon partner your character must choose to defend the worlds or survive this new reality.

We have an AIM chat room named terminalchatbox. Drop by to talk, plot ask questions.


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